You deserve a Care Package!


Self Care is the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health.
I define Soul Care as the practice of not DOING, but BEING, to deepen the connection with the soul. 

We all want to live the life of our dreams. You deserve to feel your best while doing so.

We've been conditioned to constantly DO or take action. Even in meditation we often have a goal in mind. How often does the soul get to rest if we are constantly DOING? 

Soul rest increases clarity and creates space to celebrate your successes.

Even if it's one day out of the month. You have permission to connect with stillness and care for your soul before taking on the next activity.

And here's how easy it is:

* For only $44/month you'll automatically receive a SOUL CARE PACKAGE of intention products dedicated to your time of rest with your soul. It'll be delivered directly to your door the 1st week of every month. 

* You'll receive a monthly email with soul care tips supporting your intentions
plus your package will include a selection of: candles, oils, healing crystals, smudge sticks, and much more. 
Most items are unique only to the SOUL CARE PACKAGE. There are wonderful surprises every month!

* ALSO, as an exclusive I'M SOUL READY member, you'll receive a 15% discount code each month. 

Are you ready for your care package?


Currently ONLY available for SHIPPING in the U.S.